Customized KDM Headlights


Customized Headlights - OEM replacement headlights with white turn signal reflectors for the 2013+ Genesis Coupe and your choice of custom painted interior bezels. Add in a painted projector cylinder and inner turn signal cover as well if you'd like. Pre-installed LED upgrades include 2-way inner turn signal bulbs and/or angel eyes. These headlights are direct replacements for the OEM non-HID headlights. PLEASE NOTE that this is a non-warranty item. Custom fabrication may be needed from time to time.

As long as your headlights have orange turn signal bulbs, then these are satisfactory to avoid any legal issues with North American law enforcement.

Pre-painted options with the exception of standard flat/matte black and glossy black are painted using the OEM paint code. Flat black has a matte finish (non glossy). Glossy black usually does not have the flake (sparkle) that OEM paints might have.


Custom painting in the following locations: main bezels, outer turn signal reflector, cylinders, high beam reflector, inner turn signal cover. Available in matte black, glossy black, any OEM color and even certain custom colors.

2-way LED Turn Signal Bulbs - These LED bulbs connect directly to the OEM turn signal bulb's socket in the headlight and are properly wired internally to avoid hyper-blinking. The benefit of these LED bulbs is that they allow you to keep a white parking light, but when you activate the turn signals or hazards, they immediately switch to blinking amber-color! In other words, even though the are normally white when you turn on your parking lighs/headlight, they light up orange when turning--so this makes them legal in North America.

Angel Eyes - LED angel eye halos which can be selected as a single color (white, orange, blue, red, etc) or can alternatively be 2-way (white & orange). The 2-way option is wired internally so that the halos change from white to orange while the turn signals or hazards are activated. Alternatively, we can provide the angel eye wiring as a "pigtail" outside the light so that you can connect them to a separate power source--such as if you want to have them on a switch inside the car. There is a plastic shroud over the LED's to give the lights a very clean, professional look. (Instead of people being able to see a flat circle with LED diodes stuck to it). The shroud is available in chrome, black, or any painted color.

Devil Eyes - Small LED boards installed within the projector lens to create a "devilish eyeball" look. These are available in red, white, blue, 2-way white/orange or 2-way red/white.

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2 x HPS SRI 2.0T (27-201P)
1 x HPS SRI 2.0T (27-201WB)
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