Carbon Fiber Console Surround

Carbon fiber style console/interior trim is a special-order service that Importshark offers. The process is simple--you remove any plastic interior trim parts from your car that you would like coated in the carbon fiber-style finish, send the pieces to us, we have the modification performed and ship back to you. The process takes approximately 2 weeks, though tighter timelines can sometimes be accommodated. Several carbon fiber color prints are available, including black, red, blue, white, silver, yellow, etc.

PLEASE CONTACT US FOR A QUOTE: sales@importshark.com
The first picture shown to the right has the most popular trim pieces numbered, which can be used for easy reference. We can also do other items, such as the circular rings around the speedometer/tachometer, door handle inserts, aftermarket LCD relocator shroud, door sills, and even engine bay plastics.

Kia Stinger-> (113)
Genesis Coupe-> (1199)
  2010-2012-> (697)
    Front Grills (24)
    Body Kits-> (142)
    Emblems/Badges-> (65)
    Hoods (19)
    Trunks (11)
    Exterior Upgrades (42)
    Headers & Down/Test Pipes (20)
    Exhausts (37)
    Spoilers (31)
    Intakes (20)
    Engine Upgrades (38)
    Lighting-> (37)
    Forced Induction (22)
    Suspension-> (70)
    Brake Upgrades-> (40)
    Interior (26)
    Transmission Upgrades-> (46)
    Wheels (7)
  2013-2016-> (502)
Genesis G70/G80 (13)
Gensis Sedan-> (78)
Veloster-> (332)
Tiburon-> (307)
Sonata-> (101)
Elantra-> (114)
Kona (2)
Equus-> (9)
Azera-> (33)
Accent (3)
Santa Fe (14)
Kia Forte-> (62)
Kia Soul-> (44)
Tucson (5)
Kia Optima-> (78)
Kia Rio (8)
Kia Sorento (11)
Kia Sportage (10)
Kia Cadenza (5)
Universal-> (22)
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6 x Shift Knob - Darth Vader
6 x Shift Knob - Super Mario
2 x Torque Solutions Billet Shift Knobs
6 x Mishimoto Carbon Fiber Radiator Cap
1 x VIP Leather Pad Inserts
6 x Shift Knob - Spiderman
6 x Shift Knob - Storm Trooper
1 x D-Auto Pedal Set (Sonata YF)
1 x D-Auto Pedal Set (2010+ Sportage)
2 x D-Auto Pedal Set (2016+ Sportage)
1 x M&S Carart Oval Black Emblem
3 x Vivid GT Wheel Caps
6 x Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame
1 x RalcoRZ STS 5-Speed (914826)
1 x Bully Performance Stage 3 (1.8L/2.0L)
1 x Full Gasket Kit (1.8L/2.0L)
1 x Bully Performance Stage 1 (1.8L/2.0L)
1 x RalcoRZ STS 5-Speed (914928)
1 x Bully Performance Stage 2 (1.8L/2.0L)
1 x Bully Performance Stage 4 (1.8L/2.0L)
1 x Bully Performance Stage 5 (1.8L/2.0L)
2 x Autoria Emblems
2 x Brenthon Emblem Set
2 x Autoria Wheel Caps
2 x Brenthon Emblem
2 x Autoria Steering Wheel Badge
2 x KDM GDi Lettering
2 x Luxury Emblems
2 x Luxury LED Emblems
2 x Luxury Steering Wheel Badge
2 x Luxury Wheel Caps
2 x 3D MD Badge
2 x KDM Avante Lettering
2 x KDM M16 GDi Lettering
2 x MD-Wing Wheel Caps
2 x Carbon Fiber Wheel Caps (Red)
2 x Carbon Fiber Wheel Caps (Black)
2 x RSW Grip Pedal Set (Manual)
2 x RSW Grip Pedal Set (Auto)
2 x D-Auto Pedal Set (Elantra MD)
2 x Jun B.L Axle-Back Exhaust (GT)
1 x Jun B.L Axle-Back Exhaust (MD)
2 x Jun B.L Catback Exhaust (MD)
2 x D2 Racing Coilover System (MD)
2 x ARK GT-F Lowering Springs (MD)
2 x ARK GT-S Lowering Springs (MD)
2 x NGM Meta-Ride Lowering Springs
2 x NGM Beta-Max v2 Coilovers
2 x ImportShark Front Strut Bar
2 x H&R Sport Springs (Elantra)
2 x Eibach Pro Kit (MD)
2 x Camily LED Rear Reflectors
2 x BBM Spoiler (MD)
2 x Sequence Spec-1 Lip Kit
2 x Sequence Rear Diffuser
2 x M&S MDS Bodykit
2 x Carbon Fiber Mirror Covers
2 x BBM Roof Spoiler (MD)
2 x BBM Spoiler w/ LED's (MD)
2 x M&S Front Grill Set (2011-2014)
2 x Convex Side Mirrors
1 x K&N Short Ram Intake (2014-2016)
1 x K&N Short Ram Intake (2011-2013, 1.8L)
1 x AEM Intake Elantra (2011-2016)
1 x AEM Intake Elantra (2011-2016)
3 x Weapon-R Neo Ti Intake 1.8L (342-127-401)
1 x AD Lettering
1 x D-Auto Pedal Set (Elantra AD)
2 x Vivid GT-Wing Wheel Caps
1 x Megan Racing Transmission Mount
1 x SPEC 3.8L Flywheel
1 x Competition Clutch Kit - Stage 4 (2.0L)
1 x Competition Clutch Kit - Stage 3.5 (2.0L)
1 x D-Auto Pedal Set (K7)
1 x Gemini-AR K2 Trunk (Carbon)
1 x Maintec o2 Housing
1 x DC Sports 2.0L Downpipe
1 x ARK 2.0L Downpipe
1 x ARK 3.8L Test Pipes
1 x NGM 3.8L Headers
1 x ARK 3.8L R-Spec Headers
1 x ARK 3.8L Downpipes w/ H-pipes
1 x AutoShin o2 Housing
1 x Jun B.L 2.0L Downpipe
1 x ARK 3.8L H-Test Pipes
1 x Jun B.L 3.8L Headers
1 x NGM o2 Housing
1 x Maintec 3.8L Header System
1 x ARK 3.8L Downpipes w/ Test Pipes
1 x Jun B.L 3.8 Downpipes
1 x M-Performance 2.0L Test Pipe
1 x M-Performance 3.8L Test Pipes
1 x BBM Lip Spoiler (LF)
1 x Lugnuts (Type-DS)
1 x Lugnuts (Type-M)
1 x Lugnuts (Type-PK)
1 x Lugnuts (Type-T1)
1 x SuperLUX LED Smoked Taillights
1 x Lugnuts (Type-T2)
1 x Ixion YF Lip Kit (Dual Outlet)
1 x Ixion YF Front Lip
1 x KDM Clear Corner HID Headlights
1 x Ixion YF Lip Kit (Single Outlet)
1 x Ixion YF Rear Lip (Dual Outlet)
1 x Ixion YF Rear Lip (Single Outlet)
1 x Customized KDM Headlights
1 x Ixion YF Sideskirts
1 x Spec-D LED Headlights (BK2)
1 x Ixion YF Front Grill
1 x SuperLUX LED Taillights
1 x ArtX YF Carbon Fiber Grill w/ Hood Garnish
1 x M&S Carart Stealth Bodykit (YF)
1 x LED 2-way Inner Turn Signal Modules
1 x Sequential LED Module Kit
1 x ImportShark Front Strut Bar
1 x ARK GT-F Lowering Springs (YF)
1 x D2 Racing Coilover System (YF)
1 x Brenthon Emblem Set
1 x Autoria Emblems
1 x Autoria Steering Wheel Badge
1 x Autoria Wheel Caps
1 x VIP Classic Steering Wheel Badge
1 x Carbon Fiber Wheel Caps (Red)
1 x LED 2-way Turn Signal Bulbs
1 x Carbon Fiber Wheel Caps (Black)
1 x Weapon-R Neo Ti Intake 2.4L (342-126-401)
1 x K&N Typhoon Sonata 2.4L (69-5301TTK)
1 x OEM LED Side Mirrors
1 x Injen 2.0L Cold Air Intake (YF)
1 x Injen 2.4L Cold Air Intake (YF)
1 x K&N Typhoon Sonata/Optima 2.0L
1 x Black Projector Headlamps Sonata (CCFL/LED/DRL)
1 x Chrome Projector Headlamps Sonata (CCFL/LED/DRL)
1 x OEM LED Taillights (YF)
1 x Spyder Auto LED Taillights (Smoked)
1 x Spyder Auto LED Taillights (Chrome)
1 x Spyder Auto LED Taillights (Black)
1 x SuperLUX LED Black Taillights
1 x OEM LED Taillights
1 x Customized OEM LED Taillights
1 x Customized Bodycolor OEM Taillights
1 x Customized Black Bezel Taillights
1 x RoadRuns Sideliners
1 x OEM Coinholder/Ashtray
1 x Medign Pedal Set
1 x ImportShark v2 Triple Gauge Pillar (CF)
1 x Carbon Fiber Console Surround
1 x KDM Key Fob
1 x RalcoRZ STS Coupe (914108)
1 x RRM Carbon Fiber Gauge Pillars
1 x F/L OEM Foot Rest
1 x OEM LED Door Sills
1 x Eibach Proline Springs
1 x Carbon Fiber Lower Grill
1 x Convex Side Mirrors
1 x Carbon Fiber Fuse Box Covers
1 x .Boostec F/L Carbon Fiber Front Grill
1 x Carbon Fiber GDI Engine Cover
1 x Carbon Fiber Bumper Cover
1 x Carbon Fiber F/L Air Duct
1 x 310 Tuner Hood Hinges
1 x Carbon Fiber Foglight Deletes
1 x Carbon Fiber Valve Caps
1 x Borla 3.8L Catback Exhaust
1 x Borla 2.0L Catback Exhaust
1 x AEM Stealth 2.0L Catback Exhaust
1 x K&N Typhoon 2.0T (69-5311TTK)
1 x AEM 3.8L Short Ram Intake
1 x HPS SRI 2.0T (27-201WB)
1 x K&N Typhoon 3.8L (69-5310TS)
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